Y & T Records Presents Life Jim Wurster Y & T Records Presents Everybody's Talkin' A Tribute to Fred Neil Songs of Jim Wurster: 3 Chords and a Chorus of Lust Y & T Records Presents 3 CHORDS & A CHORUS OF LUST
- Songs Of Jim Wurster
Benefitting: 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida Rescue Event featuring: Charlie Pickett, Rob Elba, Diane Ward and Jack Shawde, Karen Feldner, Matt Sabatella, George Zhen and the Mariana Trenchcoats, The Atomic Cowboys, Blue Sky Drive, Daphna Rose, Amy Baxter, Bob Wlos, Matt Calderin, The Fortune Tellers, Chris DeAngelis, and Jim Williamson & Ellen Patterson.


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