3 Chords & and a Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster

Songs of Jim Wurster: 3 Chords and a Chorus of Lust
Release Date: 2017-08-27
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3 Chords & A Chorus of Lust-Songs of Jim Wurster
featuring: Charlie Pickett, Rob Elba, Diane Ward and Jack Shawde, Karen Feldner, Matt Sabatella, George Zhen, The Atomic Cowboys, Adzima, Blue Sky Drive, Daphna Rose, Amy Baxter, Bob Wlos, Matt Calderin The Fortune Tellers, Chris DeAngelis, Williamson & Patterson, Omine, Brian Franklin.

What defines a great songwriter? Captivating melodies and hooks, loyal fans, respect and admiration from fellow musicians? Since the 1990’s, tunesmith Jim Wurster, has honed his craft, creating over 150 songs and producing 17 albums of original music. That type of prolific creation is rarely seen in the original music industry, whether it be in South Florida, Nashville or LA. Since his early days as the leader of influential South Florida rockers Black Janet, his records have been reviewed in No Depression and Billboard, as well as in South Florida newspapers the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel and Miami New Times. His albums have been released by indie labels as well as his own, and have won awards, including Florida’s prestigious Jammy Awards. Jim has received airplay in the US and throughout Europe and has co-written and performed with other notable songwriters throughout the country.

Wurster would humbly downplay his level of productivity with a smile and a wisecrack, but his influence was duly noted when a bevy of top Florida artists got together to cover Wurster’s songs. The call for participants reaped some of the most acclaimed local and national artists, and Jim was humbled when he heard the eclectic and diverse sounds his songs could make when other singer-songwriters performed them. South Florida music critic Ben Crandell, in his review of “3 Chords and a Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster in Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, referred to Wurster as “a revered eminence grise of the South Florida singer-songwriter scene.” This double album featuring the areas best musicians is certainly a testament to that title.

The ensuing work, a double album called 3 Chords and a Chorus of Lust, features singer/songwriters, producers, musicians, artists, designers and photographers, who have contributed and participated in Wurster’s projects since the 1990’s. From the punk rock version of the ballad, Party Girl’ by Rob Elba, to the vocal pyrotechnics of Sweet Melody, co-written and sung by Diane Ward, each of these interpretations are distinctively well-crafted and delivered. Scan the cuts and sample Matt Calderin’s rendering of the yet unreleased, Saline, and the intense Shine Down on Me recorded by George Zhen, who played on the original Black Janet release. Legendary punkabilly artist Charlie Pickett puts his own spin on Goodbye Paradise from Jim’s first solo CD.

Jim’s tour band, The Atomic Cowboys, backed many of the artists and guest producers included Bob Wlos, Roger DiLorenzo, Jack Shawde, Ron Taylor, Dave Thompson, and George Zhen and the cover art concept & design (Rose Garguilo – Imagine Media Concepts.)

3 Chords will raise money for a cause close to Wurster’s heart, 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida Rescue, manned by volunteers who work miracles every day saving the lives of abused and neglected animals.