Straight To Me

Straight To Me
Release Date: 2011-04-15
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Ten self-released CD’s, a series of awards, comparisons to everybody from John Prine to Peter Murphy, just what are we to make of Jim Wurster. There is no shortage of critic’s analysis on South Florida’s prolific singer/songwriter and not many artists can musically dissect the state of this country and the state of love better than Jim.

In 2010’s “Straight to Me”, Jim’s perpetual musical journey, into the darkest and sweetest temptations that love has to offer, seems to arrive at a new juncture of clarity. The album’s male character wears his heart on his sleeve, offering solace to the love shy woman in “Straight to Me,” while offering sensual pleasures to the chanteuse in “Angelique.” He is a chameleon of sorts, morphing into the image that each lover demands. While Jim’s earlier work with his band, Black Janet, was an atmospheric and haunting free-fall through the dark recesses of taboo relationships, Jim’s new album, seems at times, downright optimistic. In “So Lucky,” boy gets girl, much to the envy of the troubled and dark world around them. “If Not Forever’s,” vivid imagery tells the tale of a modern relationship, “If not forever, then maybe just tonight, Another rendezvous on our short distance flight.” Though all of Jim’s characters face the dark feelings of love gone awry, “Straight to Me’s” ensemble grab on to the precious moments of connection, “I Know that you’ve been hurt, a broken heart behind a wall, so tear it down and let it fall, let it run free, let it run straight to me.”

As always, Jim’s distinct vocals color the landscape of his musical paintings, and producer Jack Shawde guides the brush strokes, playing many of the instruments on the recording. Singer/songwriter, Diane Ward, lends her majestic vocals to “So Lucky,” “Sorrow,” and the Hank Williams cover, “I Can’t Escape From You.”